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Product News
         KIK HS Brad Point Drill Bit
         KIK Spade Bit
         KIK Forstner
A Close Look at ,
         KIK HS Brad Point Drill Bit
         KIK Spade Bit
         KIK Forstner Bit

Choosing what content to feature on the HomeTalk w/Michael King radio program is fairly simple, we want to showcase the home improvement products and offer home improvement advice based on what interests you, our online and radio listeners. We collect information on which topics are successful and the reach of our segments. So what are you telling us? Here are the July 2015 HomeTalk Media's Monthly Rankings.

Here are the TOP 10 most popular segments of August 2015 (out of a possible 68 segments):

10. Tracy Pease of PPG Pittsburgh and Porter Paints, manufacturers of high quality interior and exterior paints, primers, and more for over 100 years.

09. Lanny Jass with Green Bay Decking discussed environmentally-friendly composite deck and rail systems.

08. Jeffery Popkin with HangZ discussed an innovative picture hanging tool.

07. Paint Handy, a revolutionary paint accessory that takes the stress, cost and mess out of painting.

06. Smart Switch is a safety device that dramatically reduces the risk of death, injury, or property damage due to fire or carbon monoxide.

05. Eddie Martin with Terminix discussed termite and pest control.

04. Christopher Casey with Monroe Infrared Technology discussed Infrared Cameras, Diagnostic Equipment, Thermography Certification Training and Professional IR Inspection Services.

03. Thomas Cucinotta with Cucinotta's Pool Service discussed pool pumps.

02. Jerry Gillman with Innova Eco Building System, providers of Innova Eco Building System Kit, which provides everything needed to erect the walls and a roof of a building on a concrete slab or engineered floor system.

01. Richard Kutok with TG Tools, manufacturers of quality drill bits and cutting tools, including the multi-functional KIK series of HS Brad Point Bits, Spade Bits, and Forstner Bits.

CONGRATULATIONS to our guests and experts! What will be next month's ranking? You decide. Click here stream HomeTalk w/Michael King.
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